A trolling motor starter guide...

Looking for an electric motor for your boat and not sure where to start? Check out the trolling motor guide to help understand trolling motors and what you need them to provide. Things to be aware of include shaft, mount, motor, thrust & of course safety.


What is the difference between Brushed and Brushless Motors? How does performance differ between a brushed trolling motor and a brushless trolling motor? What option should you go with for your boat?

Safety first

Trolling Motors and safety. Key considerations when using a trolling motor. Correct connection, safety features to protect users from incorrect use. We have 5 in-built safety features as standard to protect users during connection and while fishing. Safety needs to be a key consideration for all trolling motor users.

The long and short of shaft lengths

How important is shaft length on trolling motors? Where should your motor be situated and what clearance to waterline is best? Find out more about the importance of setting up your trolling motor shaft to suit your boating needs.