A trolling motor starter guide...

Looking for an electric motor for your boat and not sure where to start?
Check out the below starter guide to help get you sorted…

1. SAFETY: For the operator and for the motor, it is important both are protected out on the water. Ensure your unit comes with features that will protect you from incorrect operation whilst out on the water, protecting you from injury and the motor from being damaged.
2. BRUSHLESS: These motors have higher efficiency, higher starting torque and generally quieter, lighter and more compact than brushed versions. You also maintain greater control, as they run at any speed & are easier to reverse
3. POWERFUL: Extra power translates to better control in less than ideal conditions, such as strong currents and high winds. A generally suggested formula is to go with the most powerful system allowable on your boat, given your budget and the weight/load and battery options available to you.
4. MOUNT: Ensure you have an adjustable mount, easy to install or remove, and one that is kept centred as best as possible. Transom mount works great when you are using these systems as your main thrust source and for boats of up to 20ft plus.
5. SHAFT: So much of your motor’s performance depends on the length of the shaft and its positioning in the water. A general rule applied is often 20-25cm under the water. This will differ between transom or bow mount options, but also make sure to account for factors such as high winds lifting your boat and the depths along your journey.

And always make sure to look after your motor and batteries, to ensure many successful fishing trips!

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