Trolling motors have been around for many years already and the benefits of having a quiet operating system, as well as one which doesn’t pollute the environment, are well known. The next key evolution is differentiating between two distinct categories: BRUSHED or BRUSHLESS. There are some very key differences to be aware of, with Brushless motors now set to take over from brushed motors given their greater capabilities:


  1. Variable (dynamic) speed control VS choosing from set functions
  2. Lower maintenance (due to superior design & no brushes or commutator erosion)
  3. This leads to longer lifetime for your system, so you’re not needing a new unit every summer
  4. Higher power to weight ratio: you can choose a much more powerful 80LB system weighing the same as a 40LB unit; this can get you through high wind, current and vegetation in a much simpler manner.
  5. Even less noise! The lack of brushes eliminates more noise than a brushed motor, let alone a petrol outboard alternative.
  6. Higher efficiency systems: So you won’t drain your battery as quickly and can stay out on the water longer
  7. Safer to operate: Our systems have in-built safety features, but also Brushless units have better heat dissipation capabilities, so your motor doesn’t overheat.

Brushed units are great for use of smaller craft such as kayaks/canoes, and small dinghies used occasionally.

Brushless Motors represent the next stage of Trolling Motors evolution, providing higher power, more runtime, better safety and more control options for all boat owners. The future of boat motors is electric, and Pelican Trolling Motors is leading the way!



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