Safety first

As with any purchase, first and foremost, you want to make sure that what you are buying is safe. This is especially true while you are out on the water. You want a system that’s easy to set up, easy to control, lightweight, starts safely and keeps you informed of exactly when it’s time to re-charge.

Our range of Brushless Trolling Motors all include FIVE SAFETY FEATURES as standard and we do not compromise on safety. Here’s what you can expect from these systems:

  1. Start protection: If the handle speed scale is in ZERO position when connecting to the power the program will start properly with an accompanying sound. If NOT in Zero position then the motor will not start, in order to protect the user from being injured by a sudden start.
  2. Reverse connection protection: When the wire connection is reversed the motor will not start in order to protect the motor.
  3. Overheat protection: If trolling motor propellers are entangled by items which cannot be set loose the motor could overheat. If the temperature of the motor reaches 110 C the controller will go into temperature protection mode: Power output will be reduced down to 50% in order to protect the motor, battery and operator
  4. Low-Voltage Protection: When the voltage is displayed below the required (ie, 20V on 24V system) the controller will enter the Low Voltage Protection Mode: Power output will be reduced down to 50% to avoid damage or injury to motor, battery and operator
  5. Stall protection: If the motor stalls, the controller will enter the stall protection mode: Power output will be 6A to protect the motor

    Take care, and always make sure to follow water safety guidelines by wearing your life vests and ensuring there are no swimmers or other hazards within vicinity of the propeller.

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