Pelican Trolling Motors is a specialist division of Electric Motor Power Pty Ltd; a wholly Australian owned company with over 30 years experience and specialising in the design, development & production DC motors, both brushed & brushless, and associated systems.

Pelican's trolling motors are manufactured to high standards and CE certified. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a quality system to meet your boating needs, as well as service levels to match. 

We believe that electric boat motors are the way of the future, given the environmentally friendly nature of the products, and recent technological advances making these motors extremely reliable and affordable.

Customer demand has led to a wider product range, and we are also able to offer Brushed Motor options by HK for smaller vessels, providing between 32LB & 60LB thrust options for this type.

We continue to invest in innovative solutions to provide a broad range of solutions to and expanding products to suit all boat owners across Australia and beyond.



Our Brushless motor range of Trolling Motors suits boats up to 3 tons and utilises EMP motors, with products ranging from 80LB to 160LB static thrust - this is comparable to 7HP of thrust generated by a petrol outboard!

Finally, there is an environmentally friendly and affordable alternative for marine vessels of all sizes.




-High efficiency (>85%) and energy savings when compared with brushed motors and gasoline engines

-Less noise / no noise pollution. Much quieter to operate than gasoline engines and less likely to scare the fish away before you've even arrived.

-Lightweight. At the same output power, this is >20% lighter than brushed motors and >50% lighter than gasoline engines

-Environmentally friendly, using the battery as its power supply and no pollution from the gasoline (especially important for looking after Australia's reefs and marine wildlife)

-LED Voltage Display, with a voltage accuracy of +/-0.1V and easily shows when re-charge is required, so  you won't get caught out ever again.

-Stepless speed variation, with a seamless speed transition from very low speed to maximum speed, so you can adjust speed exactly as required, not to pre-set levels.

-Large handle with adjustable length, making it easier & more comfortable to control

-Strong stainless steel shaft avoids water damage and mounts stably onto your vessel.

-Product lifetime of a brushless motor is extended to 5 times longer than a brushed motor

-Simple and low cost maintenance, with no brushes to wear out

-All models come standard with the following safety features:

  • Stall protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • Start protection
  • Reverse connection protection