Trade Enquiries

Thanks for your interest in Pelican Trolling Motors. We provide high quality Electric Boat Motors, which we genuinely believe to be the way of the future for this industry. Our motors are paired with high quality component parts built for the rigours of the marine environment, to provide a long-lasting and low service item. We aim to provide a product which is affordable and accessible for the masses to enjoy without compromising on quality in any way.

We are happy to discuss trade pricing, for stockists which align with our goals of providing an environmentally friendly product and putting the customers interests at the forefront of their thoughts.

Being relatively new in the market (since 2018) we believe there are genuine opportunities to partner with distributors across the globe who can be the first to offer these EMP motors to your own customers. We take pride in our customer service standards and will work closely with distributors to ensure ongoing technical and promotional support.

Simply email to with details of your requirements and your company details and we'll be in touch shortly.