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Usage & Maintenance

  1. Check the wiring before connecting the battery and power cords
  2. Add grease to the screws in the moving parts each month
  3. Wash with water after each use throughout the motor, especially after using PH or salt water
  4. Clean the connectors, check for loose connectors, rust or scratches as a lack of maintenance may cause connections to overheat or burn
  5. Using the current control at half the maximum current can protect the battery and extend the sailing distance
  6. Mount angle can be adjusted to increase the efficiency of the motor
  7. Low-Voltage Protection: When the voltage is displayed below 20V the controller will enter the Low Voltage Protection Mode: Power output will be reduced down to 50% in order to protect the motor and battery
  8. Overheat protection: If the propeller is entangled by articles which cannot be cut the motor may overheat. If the temperature of the motor reaches 110 C the controller will go to the temperature protection mode: Power output will be reduced down to 50% in order to protect the motor and battery
  9. Stall protection: If the motor stalls, the controller will enter the stall protection mode: Power output will be 6A to protect the motor
  10. Start protection: If the handle speed scale is in ZERO position when connecting to the power the program will start properly with an accompanying sound.

If NOT in Zero position then the motor will not start, in order to protect the user from being injured by a sudden start.

  1. Reverse connection protection: When the wire connection is reversed the motor will not start in order to protect the motor.
  2. Select the appropriate model of the motor for the highest energy efficiency based on the size of the boats
  3. If the pin breaks, remove the propeller and replace the pin
  4. If the sound does not go off when power is on & handle in Zero position, please open the top cover to check if screw of the potentiometer is loose.

If it is loose it will need to be adjusted to zero until the sound goes off and then tighten the screw.

WARNING: During this adjustment the propeller SHOULD NOT be installed, in order to avoid serious injury