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DIY Trolling Motor System
DIY Trolling Motor System
DIY Trolling Motor System

DIY Trolling Motor System

Pelican Trolling Motors

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DIY Trolling Motor System

NOTE: This is a custom item & is not held in stock, hence delivery times will be approximately 6-8 weeks from order date. 
A great solution for use as a thruster motor, and suits keen enthusiasts looking to tailor a solution for their own custom boats with specific mount and steering requirements.
-Specially designed Brushless Motors by EMP for peak performance in marine conditions
-Extremely quiet operation
-Available in all standard motor systems: 12-48volt (80-160LB thrust units) and just as easy to connect 
-Requires user to custom mount on their vessel
-Control via switch connected to a 1metre cable
-For use as thrust or straight line propulsion, as this unit does not have tiller control attached
-Variable speed control so you can set your exact speed, in forward or reverse
-High power to weight ratio: get more power without compromising on weight of your unit.
-All Brushless EMP models include five safety features as standard to protect the operator 
Brushless motors will typically last up to 5 times longer than Brushed equivalents, while providing double the power from the same weight system. They can also be controlled at any speed and won't drain your battery as quickly.
They are much better for our environment than constant use of petrol outboards, as well as being considerably quieter.